Based on Irreplaceable Evidence: the conservation of the University College Buttery Books

An incredible conservation project!

The Book & Paper Gathering

Victoria Stevens, ACR, Oxford Conservation Consortium

Ed. note: this paper re-creates a talk given during the ‘Stationery Bindings: History, Development and Treatment’ workshop,  organised by the Icon B&PG Co-Operative Training Register and the Archives and Records Association, on 4 February 2013. Victoria has previously written on the subject for The Gathering.

Stevens - image23

The University College Buttery Books date from the early 1640s and represent some of the earliest domestic accounts still in existence in the Oxford collections. As they detail aspects of College life during the Civil War, these records provide unique information about the activities of the College members during a time of great social upheaval, specifically in Oxford.

This article aims to highlight areas of interest in the original function and condition of these four books and illustrate the methods used by Celia Withycombe (a colleague at the Oxford Conservation Consortium) and me to return them to a…

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